Afternoon TEA: SCOTUS Will Decide the Fate of Americans’ Access To Affordable Energy

Did you know?
The Supreme Court is considering a case that could have huge implications for energy access all over the country. A lawsuit has made its way to the highest court in the land over a tiny segment of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline that would cross beneath the surface of the Appalachian Trail.
More than 50 other pipelines already cross underneath the Appalachian Trail without disturbing its public use and this instance would be no different. And, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation, underground pipelines are the safest mode to transport natural gas—safer than highway, rail and water.
The Atlantic Coast Pipeline would connect states like Virginia and North Carolina—where demand is surging—to much-needed, affordable natural gas energy. A decision against this pipeline would set a dangerous and regressive precedent that could be used to block energy access all over the country. America needs increased access to reliable, low-cost energy not petty lawsuits that will take us backwards.
… Do you oppose using frivolous legal games to block Americans’ access to affordable energy?