Afternoon TEA: Americans Need Real Energy Solutions Not More Politics

Did you know?
U.S. House Democrats recently released a plan addressing climate change. Where the Green New Deal was a vague proposal with little in the way of specifics, this plan overcorrects with 547 pages of text and hundreds of policy recommendations sorted under twelve “pillars.”
But at its heart, the plan just rehashes many of the same unrealistic policy proposals as last year’s Green New Deal. It is a Big Government-driven plan filled with mandates with little account for the effects it would have on American families trying to make ends meet in these trying times.
America doesn’t need yet another political sideshow under the guise of fighting climate change. What America does need is a sound and realistic energy policy that provides American families with affordable, reliable and domestic energy solutions that protect both our environment and national security. The Empowerment Alliance is here to build a coalition of sensible Americans that are ready for those kinds of real solutions. Check out our website for more information.