Afternoon TEA: Natural Gas is the Key To An American-made Energy Policy

Did you know?
Multiple political “climate plans” released recently are again making calls for costly and unrealistic 100 percent renewable energy mandates—some even calling for the mandate to be in place as early as 2035. Studies have shown that these extreme energy mandates carry price tags in the trillions and would inevitably drive up energy costs on American households and businesses.

The facts these mandates ignore is that America is already leading the world in reducing emissions and improving air quality, due in part to an increased use of natural gas for electricity and other energy needs. In 2017, the surge of natural gas for power generation helped the sector reach a 30-year low for carbon dioxide emissions.

Beyond its environmental benefits, natural gas is highly affordable and a truly American-made energy source that creates millions of jobs and protects our national security by reduced reliance on foreign energy sources. In these times of so much uncertainty, American families can count on the stability that natural gas provides.

… Do you agree that natural gas and the reliable, American-made benefits it provides should be part of any long-term energy policy?