Afternoon TEA: Extremist tactics block access to energy and jobs

Did you know?

Pipelines provide much-needed access to affordable energy and the economic activity it fuels. However, extremists who oppose energy development are using U.S. courts to stall and block this progress.
And, access and affordability aren’t the only things at stake. These tactics cost American jobs when we need them most. A recent study by the Consumer Energy Alliance found that more than 66,000 jobs and $13.6 billion in investments are at risk of being lost as a result of delayed pipeline projects.

Pipelines are the safest and most efficient means of transporting oil and gas, employing trades such as heavy equipment operators, laborers, welders, drivers, foremen, engineers, safety inspectors and more. In fact, 500 workers are needed to construct each 100-mile section of pipeline, and this activity fuels even more development in the manufacturing sectors that supply the materials for pipelines.