Afternoon TEA: 500,000 Square Miles of Wind Turbines

Did you know?

Currently, solar and wind energy only provide a small part of the electricity generated in the United States. However, those pushing extreme energy policies like the Green New Deal want to eliminate all our other affordable and abundant energy sources like natural gas.
According to an analysis from The Heartland Institute, this Green New Deal scheme would require huge swaths of land to implement. Generating electric power entirely from solar panels would require 57,048 square miles of land—an area equivalent to the size of New York and Vermont—for 18.8 billion solar panels. And, a shift to wind power would require 2.12 million turbines on 500,682 square miles of land—an area equivalent to Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, and much of West Virginia.
We all know the extreme and out of touch Green New Deal would come with huge costs for American families and an unreliable electrical system like the one that has caused recent blackouts in California. But, the environmental costs of such a scheme are nearly as grave.
For more information about the truth behind extreme measures like the Green New Deal, check out The Empowerment Alliance.