Afternoon TEA: Natural Gas is Helping American Families Have Happier Holidays

Did you know?

After a long and hard year, American families are looking forward to celebrating the holidays with their loved ones—even in the face of continued challenges. This is truly a time when an extra few dollars can make a family’s holiday that much more joyful.
That’s why the option to choose affordable, American energy like natural gas to heat and power our homes and lives is so important. Price decreases from affordable natural gas have saved an average family of four $2,500 a year—that’s a $203 billion annual savings for U.S. consumers.
$2,500 may not change the world but it can change the choices we have this holiday season. That money could cover end of the year bills or much-need car repairs for travel. It might help a family buy presents and a Christmas tree. It may make that traditional holiday family meal a reality, rather than just a memory.

American families have worked hard. They deserve those choices to make their holidays just a little bit better this year. To learn more about how affordable natural gas can help your family this holiday season, check out The Empowerment Alliance.