Afternoon TEA: New Englanders Forced To Buy Costly Russian Energy

Did you know?

The Northeast United States sits near one of the largest natural gas deposits in the world. Despite that, each winter, natural gas prices in New England spike well above the rest of the country.

These skyrocketing prices are due to a lack of pipelines that could bring much-needed, affordable natural gas to the region. But, as we have seen in many other instances, pipeline access to the region has been blocked by damaging, shortsighted policies. The solution? The gap is often filled by importing natural gas from foreign countries like Russia—at prices much higher than American energy!

Consumers in the Northeast should not be forced to stretch their budgets and make tough choices affecting their health and safety, when they could easily share in the benefits of abundant, low-cost American natural gas.

We’d like to know. Do you think New England consumers should demand better policies that give them access to low-cost winter heating with domestic natural gas?