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Learn more about natural gas and the issues surrounding The Empowerment Alliance’s mission to secure America’s energy independence and, with it, Americans’ prosperity, freedom, and security.

Clean Energy for Our Environment

We lead the world, by a wide margin, in cutting CO2 emissions. America’s natural gas is the fiscally-sound, reliable and environmentally responsible bridge to our energy future.

The U.S. is enjoying its best air quality in the last half century or longer, thanks to natural gas and technological advancements in emissions reduction.

Abundant Energy for Our Future

Technology and exploration have guaranteed that America has a continuous 100-year supply of natural gas and the potential for even more.

Natural gas production supports 3 million jobs in the U.S. and for each direct job, the industry supports another 2.7 indirect jobs.

Affordable Energy for Our Families

From the jobs created to lower utility bills and cleaner air, affordable energy is fundamental to economic prosperity for all. It is a moral imperative to provide for families who are most vulnerable to increases in their energy budgets.

78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck; 59 million households live on $1,900 per month. Natural gas means lower costs to consumers, more buying power for consumers, and a more prosperous American economy.

Domestic Energy for Our Security

The use of domestic natural gas discovered, produced, and refined in the U.S. makes certain America is no longer dependent on rapidly changing global markets and unstable or hostile countries.

America is now a leading producer of natural gas and is on track to be a net energy exporter – keeping us safe and feeding our economy.