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From dream to reality

Did you know?


Natural gas helps to protect all Americans, especially the millions that are most financially vulnerable.


The lower cost of energy induced largely by natural gas and the Shale Revolution is fundamental to prosperity for all Americans.  Access to affordable energy is especially critical for the almost half of all American households earning less than $50,000 which spend about 17% of their after-tax income on direct energy costs such as to heat their homes and an almost equal amount on the costs of energy embedded in the everyday goods we buy such as prescription drugs, toiletries, restaurants, clothing, and TV’s.


That means these most financially vulnerable are spending about 1/3rd of their after-tax income on energy costs!  Even relatively minor changes in heating costs can dramatically affect these Americans’ health. For example, a $20 per month fluctuation in utility bills could determine whether seniors can afford to refill a prescription or stock their pantries.




Natural gas means lower costs to all Americans protecting the millions of Americans that need it most, while providing a path to clean air and energy independence, and a more prosperous America.