Common Sense Energy Agenda - TEA

Energy Independence Is
American Independence

We believe there are four pillars to every American’s energy birthright, and it is our moral obligation to ensure our citizens benefit from its vast natural resources.
Affordable Energy for Our Families
Clean Energy for Our Environment
Abundant Energy for Our Future
American Energy for Our Security

Path to America’s
Common Sense Energy Agenda

  1. Recognize natural gas is green.
    Why it matters: American Natural Gas CARES: it is America’s Clean, Affordable, Reliable Energy Source that improves the environment while securing American energy independence. It is the green bridge to a future of alternative sources of affordable, clean, and reliable energy.
  2. Secure America’s energy independence with natural gas and make the world safer.
    Why it matters: Affordable & reliable energy is essential to our livelihood and the well-being of everyone. Countries and their citizens are held hostage to energy supplies from countries with bad intent. The more America powers the world, the more secure the world will be for all freedom-loving people.
  3. Encourage States to prohibit natural gas bans.
    Why it matters: Access to abundant and reliable natural gas is essential to affordable energy for everyday Americans and small businesses. Affordable energy is critical to returning manufacturing and good-paying jobs to America.
  4. Build more natural gas and energy pipelines.
    Why it matters: Pipelines are the safest, most environmentally sound, and efficient way to transport energy. A country without pipelines is like a body without veins.
  5. Promote natural gas as a green energy source in all appropriate applications.
    Why it matters: Thanks to natural gas, the United States is the world leader in clean air quality. Imagine if natural gas was used for transportation fuel, heated every home, and used to produce more electricity; our environment would be substantially improved while not wreaking havoc on our economy.
  6. Unleash the power of liquified natural gas (LNG) to support our allies, stabilize world energy markets, and improve our Mother Earth’s air quality as it has in our nation.
    Why it matters: America has one of the largest supplies of natural gas in the world, enough to power our own needs and our allies for a century.
  7. Lead the world in renewable natural gas technologies.
    Why it matters: We generate garbage and waste water every day, and lots of it. Cost effective capture and use of the emissions and unpleasant smells we all know well from landfills, water treatment plants, animal waste, and other sources is a real gain toward meaningful environmental activism.
  8. Expand energy technical trades education and training programs.
    Why it matters: America’s energy industry is a source of good-paying jobs. To realize affordable energy independence we need to fill thousands of jobs waiting for Americans to roll up their sleeves and get to work. Education, training, and the upskilling of American workers will impact positively millions of our families, friends and communities directly and ultimately every American will benefit through a prosperous economy fueled by affordable energy.
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