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A lot can change in 2 years

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Back in December 2020, for the first time in 35 years, the U.S. imported no weekly crude oil from Saudi Arabia. It was a small moment in time, but with huge significance. It showed not just the importance of American energy independence and security, but also that it was a very achievable goal.

At that time, the average American was paying $2.25/gallon for gasoline. The inflation rate was 1.4%. Americans were much safer and the world was more stable than now.

Now, all that has changed. Gas prices have nearly doubled and inflation is at 8.3%.  Europeans through their self-inflicted two decades of horrific green energy policies are in a dangerous energy crisis. People in Europe are burning garbage to stay warm. Russia has a stranglehold on Europe’s energy. And, the Biden Administration continues unsuccessfully begging OPEC+ to increase their not so environmentally friendly production to lower our American gas prices. This week OPEC+ announced they would cut production, which instead means another spike in gas prices for Americans right before the holiday season.

Begging untrustworthy foreign governments to bail us out, while destroying our American energy production with politically-motivated, green-at-all-costs policies must end. America’s energy independence and security is crucial—for household budgets, for our safety and for our future.

We must say no to green-at-all-costs politicians and elect leaders that recognize: America’s energy independence must be a bi-partisan issue…our very independence depends on it. We can do this and it starts with our pro-energy affordability and security votes at the ballot box in elections. Make this November and every election count.  The Empowerment Alliance will guide you through this effort. Join us and together we can defend our energy affordability and security for life.