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A reason for Holiday HOPE

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The holiday season is a time of hope. So, after a long year of enduring the skyrocketing energy prices and crushing inflation created by Grinch-in-Chief Biden, it’s wonderful to finally see a gift of hope—in the form of common-sense policies that will lower energy prices for everyday Americans.

Last week, a major victory was secured in Ohio when legislation was passed that recognizes natural has as GREEN energy. This follows Rep. Troy Balderson’s “Natural Gas is Green” resolution in Congress this summer. We applaud the Ohio legislature for taking the ground-breaking step of declaring natural gas a source of clean energy and providing some much-needed holiday hope for every day Americans living in their state.

Natural gas is the only energy source that is environmentally sound, while capable of powering our economy and securing our energy independence. Policies—like the one passed in Ohio—that follow TEA’s common sense energy agenda and promote the exploration and production of this truly American energy are the key to spreading the hope of the holidays all year round. With more thoughtful and bold leadership like this, this is a trend that can and will continue across the country in the new year!

To you and yours, enjoy this season of peace and hope. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from The Empowerment Alliance!