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Afternoon TEA: All politics is local

Did you know?

As we predicted last week, Election Day showed how hugely important local elections and the issues they address are. One stunning example of this was the Republican sweep in Virginia. The results send a clear message. President Biden’s tax and spend, “green at all costs” agenda is not what voters elected him to do. Not only are they displeased with his agenda, voters are also displeased with the increased costs they’re paying for just about everything.

But, something else was also happening in Virginia leading up to the sweeping changes voters demanded at the polls. For months, citizens have vocally and actively been calling for changes as local school boards pushed a variety of out-of-touch mandates on parents and their children. The Democrat candidate for Governor even said the quiet part out loud, stating: “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” And, that issue may have made all the difference in this election.

Now, education and energy are vastly different issues. But, they share one thing in common. They are personal and literally close to home. Whether it’s the spike in your utility bill or what your kid learned at school today, these are the issues that hard-working American families talk about at the dinner table. And, that common thread isn’t just personal, it’s powerful.

So, the take-away lesson learned from last week’s election is that the fight is in our own backyards and change starts at home—with you. Joe Biden may talk about “net-zero” policies and jet set with other world leaders blowing smoke about lowering emissions. But, it’s local city councils that are deciding to ban you from having a gas stove or furnace.  It’s local officials that are deciding to convert our farmland and rural areas into wind and solar installations. It’s local bureaucrats blocking pipelines that will help lower gas prices.

This election showed that Biden and his “woke” agenda do not have the support of American families. But, it also showed that we have the power to make real change when we take a stand. In this time of mandates from Washington bureaucrats and out-of-touch policies from Green New Dealer extremists, hard-working Americans still hold the power to make a difference on the kitchen table issues affecting our every day lives.