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Afternoon TEA: America is Hungry for Natural Gas

Did you know?

If elected President of the United States, Elizabeth Warren will ban modern, safe, technology-based natural gas production in America. Bernie Sanders wants to jail energy industry executives.

These naive and politicized policies hurt all Americans by ignoring the overwhelming benefits of natural gas for millions of Americans.

Politicians should be talking about how the energy industry is instrumental in bringing more affordable food to Americans and people across the globe. When activists chant to “keep fossil fuels in the ground,” they are ignoring that if their advice were heeded, people would starve.

Nothing can match the American natural gas industry in producing energy that agriculture requires at a low cost and on a scale large enough to feed billions of people.

The average person is better fed now than in 1968, although the population has doubled to more than 7 billion. That seeming miracle was due in large part to the American energy industry.

Without affordable energy, the world could not support today’s population of 7.7 billion – or 3.6 billion, or perhaps not even 1 billion. To starve our machines of energy would be to starve ourselves.

It is critical to support natural gas as the fuel of choice to ensure affordable growth, harvest and distribution of food, while also providing cleaner air, energy independence, and prosperity for all Americans.