Afternoon TEA: An early Christmas gift ? - TEA



Afternoon TEA: An early Christmas gift ?

Happy Holidays from The Empowerment Alliance!

As you hopefully gather with family and friends this holiday season, it is a good time to consider the ways we use energy in our daily lives and those responsible for keeping it affordable.

Our country is strongest and most secure when we are energy independent. America has the natural resources to achieve that independence again—just like we did a year ago. America has rights that keep our workers safe in dangerous environments. And, America has the cleanest air in a generation. Let’s keep that in mind this holiday season.

With that in mind, we’d like to send a special thank you to the 51 Senators who stood in unified opposition to President Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan. As Senator Joe Manchin eloquently pointed out, the BBB plan would jeopardize grid reliability and energy affordability, as well as fuel rapid inflation that is already at 30 year highs under the current administration. Senator Manchin putting a dagger in the BBB is an early Christmas present for all of us!

Enjoy your time with your family and friends, and as you do, be thankful for those who bring you energy and for those who fight every day for policies to keep your bills affordable. We’ll be back with our regularly scheduled Afternoon TEA emails starting January 3rd!