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Afternoon TEA: Biden’s Energy Hypocrisy

For the last few weeks, you have heard a lot about the situation along the Ukrainian and Russian border. Meanwhile, a story you’ve likely heard little or nothing about is the Biden Administration’s move to withdraw support for the EastMed Pipeline, which would have originated in Israel and carried desperately-needed natural gas to Europe.

So, what do these stories have to do with each other and our American energy outlook?

Well, earlier this year, we told you about how Biden had waived sanctions—established during both the Obama and Trump administrations—to the Russian Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline which connects Russia directly to central Europe under the Baltic Sea. And, at that time, we predicted that a corrupt, unsavory Russian government would leverage this move to dominate Europe’s energy security. Unfortunately, it appears that we were right.

Keep in mind, even before the current crisis, Europe was starving for inexpensive energy sources to fill the void left when wind doesn’t blow, the sun isn’t shining and cold weather drives up demand. Exacerbated by a restriction in supply of reliable fuel sources like natural gas, energy prices skyrocketed, leaving consumers paying the bill and leaders looking for a lifeline that isn’t tied to Russia.

And, that brings us to the EastMed pipeline and the Biden Administration’s baffling move to withdraw support for a pipeline that would originate with Israel, one of America’s key allies in the region. In short, this Administration’s short-sighted hypocrisy continues to manifest. On one hand, Biden is paving the way for a natural gas pipeline that connects Europe to one of America’s geopolitical antagonists while on the other hand, he’s preventing an ally from building a key piece of infrastructure that could prevent a future energy crisis.

Now step back and recall that on his very first day in office, Biden killed the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline, which would have created 60,000 jobs and $3.6. billion in wages. And has created a hostile environment to other U.S. oil and gas pipelines and the domestic industry at almost every turn. And, his green-at-any-cost agenda puts us firmly in a position of reliance on China, who has a near monopoly on the rare earth minerals needed for wind and solar energy.

These actions being taken on the other side of the globe are yet another reason why Biden’s continued attacks on affordable, domestic energy production and our hard-earned energy independence are so dangerous. We all agree that Russia should not control the supply of European energy, and that China most certainly shouldn’t control our own American energy supplies. The world is a scary, uncertain place. And, Biden is making it even scarier for hard-working American families by giving the literal power to keep our lights on and heat our homes to foreign governments who are not our friends.