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Afternoon TEA: Domestic energy = Americans’ safety, energy security, and prosperity ??

Did you know domestic energy makes you safer?

We talk a lot about how using our own American domestic energy sources, like natural gas, creates jobs and ensures more affordable energy for American families and businesses. But, that’s not all it does. It also keeps us safe. Which is why it is concerning that we are increasingly seeing policies from the D.C. elite and Green New Dealers that put our energy independence and our safety on the line.

For example, renewable energy and electric vehicles are dependent on rare earth metals, and China already has at least 85% of the world’s capacity to process those metals—by using forced labor and leaving behind devastating pollution that creates “cancer villages.” And, now, as the U.S. hastily pulled out of Afghanistan and the Taliban restored their reign of terror, China was waiting patiently in the wings to turn this chaos and tragedy into opportunity.

Check out our post above detailing the Chinese government’s relationship with the Taliban.

Afghanistan happens to sit on one of the largest deposits of rare earth metals, valued around a trillion dollars. China wants to gain access to these resources to maintain their control over the renewable energy supply chain. China has cozied up to Taliban leadership as recently as this summer, in anticipation of the recent power shift. It just goes to show, China will stop at nothing to exert their influence over the rest of the world.

And, before that, Biden cut a questionable deal with Germany to allow the Russian NordStream2 pipeline to be completed—all while trying to dismantle American energy production and pipelines. At the time, we predicted that Vladimir Putin would use his leverage to increase Europe’s reliance on Russian energy. Now, Russian state-owned Gazprom energy has announced price hikes for long-term contracts with European non-former Soviet states. This price-gouging would not be possible if Europe was not reliant on Russia for their natural gas.

As we observe the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks that changed our nation in a way that would never be the same again, we must learn from the past. We can’t let these extreme, short-sighted policies take us backward to the days of dependence on unfriendly nations and decades-long wars. From 2008 to 2018, the U.S. energy trade deficit was reduced by 87%. And, in recent years, we have finally surpassed Russia and Saudi Arabia to become the world’s top producer of natural gas and oil. We must protect these achievements, not squander them. Our American energy independence is not just about the price of a tank of gas—it is about keeping our families safe and our nation sound.