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Afternoon TEA: “Green at any cost” is a tough sell

Did you know?

A recent poll found that a majority of Americans oppose paying even a $2 monthly tax on U.S. residential electric bills in order to address climate change. And, even more oppose paying a larger federal tax on gasoline for that purpose.

But, what about the environment? Does that mean Americans are selfish and don’t care about protecting the earth? Absolutely not. It simply means that Americans know that the “green at any cost” movement won’t get the job done and they don’t want to pay for the politicized rhetoric and lack of results coming from Biden and the Green New Dealers in Washington.

The bad news is Biden’s inefficient, ineffective, and expensive climate policies are already costing Americans. Energy prices are skyrocketing with gasoline prices up 50 percent over last year.  Natural gas is up 20 percent and electricity is up 5 percent. And, a new study found that Biden’s emissions reductions goals would end up costing more than what we spend on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid combined. That would amount to about $11,300 per American per year—a lot more than that $24 most Americans think is too much.

And the result of all that spending would be miniscule. If the United States achieved the Green New Dealer’s “carbon neutral” goals, it would reduce the earth’s temperature by less than half a degree because emissions from places like China and India just keep going up. The fact is, the U.S. has already been doing the work—through increased use of natural gas—to be a world leader in lowering emissions and achieve our best air quality in nearly half a century. At the same time, so-called “green” technologies are posing greater and greater problems for the environment. Solar panels and gigantic wind turbines are aging out and piling up in landfills. And, the technology behind wind, solar and electric vehicles relies on rare earth minerals that come from polluted mines that cause “cancer villages” in places like rural China.

Americans absolutely care about protecting our environment. But we know driving up energy costs with short-sighted and “green at any cost” policies isn’t the way to do it. To get that job done, we need to invest in what’s already working—American ingenuity and our abundant, clean and domestic energy resources, like natural gas.