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Afternoon TEA: Here’s why you’ll spend more this summer

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Here at The Empowerment Alliance, we love the summer activities of traveling, relaxing in the sun, and grilling out as much as anyone. But these activities are not free. And, unfortunately, the Biden administration’s anti-American energy agenda is making summer activities even more expensive this year.

Americans take an average of three trips over the summer, spending around $2,400. About 90% of American households use A/C, generating an average cost of $147 per person over the summer months. 68% of grill owners said they planned to barbecue on July 4th, and they had to spend more on the food they planned to cook.

The costs for traveling, barbecuing, and air conditioning are on the rise this year:

  • Gas prices will remain at their highest point since 2014, up over $1/gallon from last summer.
  • Americans are predicted to need 1.5% more electricity than they did last summer.
  • The consumer price index for food products is up 2.2% since last May.

The burdensome and politicized regulations that the Biden administration has imposed on U.S. energy producers is costing all of us this summer. That’s why we’re focused on the pursuit of American Energy Independence and affordability for everyone, so we can all enjoy this summer while also saving some hard-earned money. For more information, check out our factsheet on summer spending.