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Afternoon TEA: How to save America ??

Lately, it seems we are bombarded with doomsday scenarios and dire predictions. To hear it told, there is little hope for today and even less for tomorrow unless we take drastic actions that completely derail the way we live. We are told that we must be “green at any cost” by 2050 (or 2030 or wherever the goalposts have moved) or there will be no future for our children.

But, is all this fear really justified? The answer is no.

There are easy, common-sense steps we can take to set our environment on the right course for the future, while preserving the American progress and productivity that has built the greatest nation on earth.

Rather than fighting an invisible environmental bogeyman, we should first and foremost clean up the world we live in now, like the tons of plastic and trash that is dumped in our oceans and waterways.  What has been done for worldwide landfill and garbage recycling technology sharing and management?  Why aren’t we capturing methane from organic matter decomposition and using it to generate electricity or using it as vehicle fuel?  When you consider the potential of fueling vehicles with renewable natural gas—which can be recycled from landfills, wastewater treatment and farming operations—emissions reductions shoot through the roof to a 382% reduction over gasoline and diesel vehicles. To be clear, we are doing this already. But why aren’t we doing this at every landfill in the U.S. and worldwide?

Isn’t capturing and recycling methane from landfills way more beneficial to taxpayers than taxing methane or carbon at gasoline stations?  Think about it, when energy is taxed, those with the least income are hurt the most because they have the least disposable income.

Natural gas has the potential to revolutionize transportation as natural gas vehicles emit 21% fewer emissions than gasoline vehicles. Unlike electric cars that require new factories, rare earth metals from China, or cobalt from Africa, every vehicle that uses gasoline or diesel can be easily retrofitted to use natural gas as fuel.

Rather than wasting trillions of taxpayers’ funds on the likes of Green New Deal, which are expensive, inefficient, unreliable, and at times, unsafe technologies in “feel good” name only,  we should help our environment right now. Stop wasting our money and instead put it to good use for things like healthcare, education, job training, hard infrastructure, or to help our retirees and veterans, just to name few.

It doesn’t take a NASA scientist or a Harvard Economist to know that we should continue research and development of inexpensive, clean, and safe energy sources that can help humanity in all its modern life energy needs. We Americans, with our individual votes, have an incredible opportunity to be on the right side of energy, the environment, and our planet’s well-being while protecting our own, our families’, and our communities’ safety and prosperity.

How can we achieve this utopia? Join TEA and use its energy facts and truths to activate a nation of voters to protect their energy birthright to lifelong, low-cost energy. Thanks to our nation’s Founders and America’s pioneering spirit, we live in the greatest nation that ever was, is, and ever will be. Cherish it and defend it with everything you have.