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Afternoon TEA: Making the world safer

This week, we continue to walk down TEA’s Common Sense Energy Agenda, by exploring the second step in that path: Secure America’s energy independence with natural gas and make the world safer.

First, let’s talk about why that matters: Affordable and reliable energy is essential to our livelihood and the well-being of everyone. Countries and their citizens are held hostage to energy supplies from countries with bad intent. The more America powers the world, the more secure the world will be for all freedom-loving people.

Here’s just a few examples of why American energy independence makes the world a safer place:

  • Years ago, the U.S. surpassed Russia and Saudi Arabia to become the world’s top producer of natural gas and oil largely because of the U.S. shale revolution. However, Russia still supplies a huge amount of the natural gas and oil used by Europe.
  • In the last few weeks, Russia has weaponized their economic hold over states dependent on their natural resources for fuel energy. Gazprom, Russia’s state-owned utility, cut off the flow of gas to Poland and Bulgaria and the state utility also said if any gas is siphoned by those two countries en route to other European recipients further down the pipeline, there would be even more severe cuts to the continent’s supply.
  • Even though, natural gas is America’s real green energy, the green-at-any-cost crowd will tell you renewable energy is the answer. However, China has at least 85% of the world’s capacity to process rare earth ores into material manufacturers can use. Rare earth metals are necessary to build batteries and other technologies for electric vehicles and renewable energy sources like, wind and solar power. Chinese mining for these ores often leaves cancer-causing pollution in rural areas and relies heavily on forced labor practices.
  • Just a year ago, we even saw a telling attack on our American energy independence right here at home when a Russian criminal group committed a cyber attack that shut down the Colonial Pipeline. That pipeline transports around 2.5 million barrels per day of gasoline, diesel fuel, heating oil and jet fuel. The shutdown caused gas prices to surge above $3 for the first time since 2014, and they have been on the rise since then.

The bottom line is: America wins when America leads. The world wins when America leads. Let’s be the leader the world needs us to be. Visit our website for more information on TEA’s Path To America’s Common Sense Energy Agenda.