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Afternoon TEA: North Face ‘Never Stops Exploring’ Hypocrisy

Did you know?

Outdoor clothing and gear company, North Face, has recently been called out for its “crazy hypocrisy” in refusing to sell jackets to companies in the oil and gas industry. In a video, CEO of Liberty Energy Chris Wright points out that almost all of North Face’s products—jackets, shoes, backpacks and more—are actually made from oil and gas!

This kind of corporate virtue signaling may seem like a good PR angle for companies like North Face, trying to find favor with the out-of-touch “green” movement. But it truly does a disservice to not just the energy industry that has fueled America’s energy independence, but also the everyday Americans that rely on the affordable and reliable energy and products from the oil and gas industry.

We know that natural gas and oil fuel abundant, low-cost energy that keeps America moving and keeps our lights on. But, the truth is oil and gas also provide the base ingredients for everything from plastics to chemicals to fabrics and much more that are the building blocks for over 6,000 household items and other products.

Liberty’s CEO is absolutely right. Companies like North Face actually owe the energy industry a thank you for partnering with them. They have literally built their success from the oil and gas products created by American energy companies.