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Afternoon TEA: Our energy future is worth fighting for

Last week, President Biden held a marathon press conference covering a wide range of topics. We would hope that such a lengthy discussion would reveal some fresh ideas and strategies to help the hard-working Americans being crushed under skyrocketing prices on everything from groceries to their energy bills. But, no such luck.

Here’s what the President gave us instead:

“Now, with regard to the whole issue of energy prices, that gets a little more complicated…”

“We’re going to continue to see oil prices continue to go up in ways that are going up now, relative to what is going to — what impact that’s going to have on the producers. And so, it’s going to be hard…”

“They pull up to a pump and, all of a sudden, instead of paying $2.40 a gallon, they’re paying $5.00 a gallon.  And that’s going to be really difficult…”

“So we’re going to continue to work on trying to increase oil supplies that are available … But it’s going to be hard.  It’s going to be very hard.”

The President seems all stocked up on sympathy but all out of solutions. What he forgot as he was patting himself on the back for begging China and OPEC to release oil reserves that temporarily ticked gas prices down a couple of cents is, it’s already been hard. Cold wintry weather has been blanketing the country driving up home heating costs and knocking out power for millions of American households and businesses. Gas prices are on the rise once again with Americans paying nearly 40 percent more than they were a year ago.

It’s already been “very hard” for the American families and businesses that have been dealing with inflation and these skyrocketing energy costs for months now—and telling them it’s going to get harder isn’t leadership.

For the last year, the Biden administration has attacked American energy producers and ignored the needs of the American people—directly contributing to the expensive problems we face today. And, by his own account, he intends to double down. In other words, America get ready for more misery from President Biden’s demonizing and mishandling of domestic energy industry. Instead of worrying about your cost of living and how to reduce your daily burdens, during his press conference, Biden said he’s going to break down his Build Back Better bill into “pieces—big chunks” to try to pass it that way, and he also claimed that he has support for his climate agenda. His climate agenda means higher energy prices to American consumers. Just remember this, we have centuries of natural gas and oil that can make our lives and our economy robust as it was as recently as 2017-20, when the American energy industry was roaring and we all were enjoying spending less money at the gas pump, cost of food, utility bills, and more on our family. But President Biden’s plan for 2022 appears to be repeating 2021.

That’s why the Empowerment Alliance wants you to remember that 2022 is a very important year. It’s a year where we can elect more representatives that support a common-sense energy agenda to fight for us in Washington. And it’s a year where we can begin to get America back on the right path to affordable, domestic energy independence. To echo the President, it will be hard but our energy future is worth it.