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Afternoon TEA: Renewable energy jobs are a false promise

Did you know?

Several recently proposed “climate plans” have made promises to create millions of new jobs in the renewable energy industry. Some go so far as to claim that these jobs will replace the energy industry jobs killed by extremist, 100-percent renewable energy plans.
However, a recent study by the North America’s Building Trades Unions found that many of the skilled trades needed on oil and gas projects, for example, are not prevalent on renewable projects. In other words, skilled trades jobs are not simply interchangeable between industries.
Unrealistic renewable schemes will not only drive up costs for American households—when we are already struggling to stretch our budgets. They will kill many good-paying, highly-skilled jobs that can’t simply be swapped out for others.

For more information about how dangerous renewable schemes threaten our American jobs and budgets, check out The Empowerment Alliance.