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Afternoon TEA: Tesla’s Carbon Credit Scam on Americans

Did you know? 

Electric vehicle company, Tesla, recently announced its financials for this quarter and the company made $354 million from selling environmental carbon credits—not cars.

So, how does a company that sells cars make that much profit…from something besides selling cars? Basically, Tesla earns “credits” from the government for building electric vehicles that they deem environmentally friendly. (Though many of the elements that go into building electric vehicles are anything but friendly to the environment.) Tesla then turns around and sells those government-sponsored credits to other car companies that still build the traditional, gas-fueled cars most Americans drive.

This shell game is just another example of how absurd government-mandated environmental do-gooding can become if left unchecked. Essentially, car makers are passing around “get out of jail free” cards that don’t change a single thing about the cars they produce. The only change is the cost of those credits getting passed on to every day Americans when they purchase a new vehicle.

The fact is Americans have always wanted fuel-efficient cars because that saves them money—and is also highly beneficial to the environment. This government-mandated scheme of carbon credits simply replaces consumer-driven demand for better technology with a make-believe commodity that benefits no one except companies like Tesla—which in turn makes cars that most Americans can’t afford.

Striving for a cleaner environment is something we all agree on, but we also understand that America alone can’t fix the world’s environmental problems. In fact, America’s air quality is the best it’s been in the last half century. So, Americans shouldn’t have to pay Tesla for credits, when they purchase other brands which use technology and ingenuity to build affordable vehicles that meet our everyday needs. Using environmental scare tactics to make Tesla rich isn’t improving the world’s air quality. The Biden Administration instead of penalizing Americans should hold China and India accountable for their continued disregard of the environment.