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Afternoon TEA: The Great Benefits of Natural Gas

Did you know?

Natural gas is the key to prosperity for all Americans, especially the millions who are most financially vulnerable.

Low cost, affordable, and American-sourced energy is one of the great benefits of natural gas and the Shale Revolution and is fundamental to prosperity and better health for all Americans.

It has been estimated the lower cost of energy from the boom in shale gas production averted 11,000 winter deaths per year in the U.S.

A survey of low-income households revealed the adverse impact of high energy costs, highlighting the criticality of lower cost and affordable natural gas:

37% went without medical or dental care
34% did not fill a prescription or took less than the full dose
31% did not make their full mortgage or rent payment
24% went without food for a day

Natural gas brings lower energy costs to all Americans, protecting the millions of Americans who need it most while providing a path to clean air, energy independence, and a more prosperous America.