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Afternoon TEA: The Green New Deal is expensive, inefficient, and ineffective

Did you know?

At the same time the U.S. oil and gas industry has increased energy production to power our country, U.S. greenhouse gas emissions have declined. That is why it is outright misleading when Green New Dealers tell you that banning fossil fuels is the only way to lower emissions. We have already proved otherwise.

Green New Dealers’ climate crises solutions are expensive, inefficient, and ineffective. Every American household will be paying for this agenda by way of taxes, the fuel pump, utility bills, higher food and clothing bills, and a general higher cost of living. One study estimated that the Green New Deal’s proposals could cost an average American household nearly $60,000 per year. Green New Dealers cloak themselves as concerned legislators, but everyday Americans should recognize them as an existential threat!

America’s solution against the Green New Dealers’ expensive, inefficient, and ineffective agenda is called American voters. This is about individual Americans banding together and defending our energy birthright—our individual right to affordable, clean, and safe energy for our households and livelihood. A cause doesn’t get more personal than this.

We all agree, protecting our environment is an important goal. But policies that drive up energy costs on everyday Americans aren’t solutions. The U.S. has already lowered emissions while growing our domestic energy production and achieving energy independence. We can do both, and that’s the kind of solution hard-working Americans deserve.