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Afternoon TEA: War on Reliability

This week, we explore the third step in TEA’s Common Sense Energy Agenda: Encourage States to prohibit natural gas bans.

Over the last few years, dozens of cities—primarily in California, on the West Coast and in the Northeast—have advanced bans on natural gas use in buildings. Yes, these local officials want to decide how you heat your home and what stove you can have in your kitchen. The states of New York and Washington have considered going even further with the first statewide natural gas bans in the United States.

These bans are quite simply short-sighted, politically-motivated gimmicks. They will only serve to limit choices and drive up building construction costs and utility bills. Those costs will in turn be passed onto homeowners and consumers already being crushed by skyrocketing inflation and energy prices.

And, these moves will only put more demand on the electrical grid. We’ve already seen California struggling with rolling blackouts during the hot summer months, where renewable sources like solar already can’t keep up.

On the other hand, since 2020, 20 sensible states around the country have passed legislation to keep these municipal bans from being put in place. Why does it matter? Access to abundant and reliable natural gas is essential to affordable energy for every day Americans and small businesses. Affordable energy is critical to returning manufacturing and good-paying jobs to America.

TEA commends these 20 states and calls on more officials to take a stand for affordable energy! We need more strong leaders like this looking out for American families and businesses.