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Afternoon TEA: We Believe — Part 2

Last week we kicked off the new year by focusing on our belief in the American People. This week we at The Empowerment Alliance turn our focus to our belief in America herself and our American Exceptionalism.

We believe in the power of ideas.

We believe in the Truth. The truth that American energy independence is possible based upon the four pillars of clean, affordable, abundant, and domestic natural resources.

We believe renewable energy has a rightful role to play in our energy future, but not at the expense of an imaginary “green at any cost” by 2050 agenda, or per government mandates, or taxpayers subsidies, or government deciding winners & losers.

We believe it is possible to improve the environment and have affordable energy at the same time. In fact, we have already done just that over the last decade as America has become a global leader in reducing carbon emissions through the use of natural gas. Since implementation of the Clean Air Act in 1970, combined U.S. emissions of some the most dangerous air pollutants have dropped by 78%.

We believe, just as we have been doing for some time, that we can improve the environment today and every day rather than setting some imaginary goal for 2050.

We believe the country that inspired and nurtured the spirit that sent the first man to the moon, first in flight, the internet, invented cell phones, harnessed the industrial capacity to defeat tyranny in World War II, stood against the spread of Communism in the Cold War and stands against terrorism no matter where in the world…is a country that can inspire and nurture an affordable clean energy future that has yet to be imagined.

We believe American energy independence is a cornerstone of national and domestic security.

We believe national and domestic security is a cornerstone of personal freedom and prosperity.

We believe that Acts of God such as tornados and hurricanes are exactly what they are…and not man-made.

Therefore in 2022 we will increase our efforts to Tell the Truth about American energy and the consequences of energy decisions to the American people. We will educate, advocate, and activate around the ideas that impact our daily lives and our energy future as a nation. We will help drive American energy independence as a key issue in the political discussions of 2022. And, we will dedicate ourselves to a conversation with every day hard-working Americans that clean, affordable energy is possible and any politician that takes that away from them is stealing their national birthright.