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Afternoon TEA: What Americans need to know about infrastructure talks

Did you know?

Republican leaders in Congress have put forth their own infrastructure plan that attempts to find common ground with Biden, while applying common-sense principles that protect America’s future.

The Democrat proposal would spend about $1 trillion more than the GOP proposal, taking a broader definition of infrastructure that includes money for home care services and “green energy” investments. The Democrat plan would be paid for through tax increases on businesses, families, and individuals.

The GOP proposal, on the other hand, shaves over a trillion dollars off the price tag and takes a more traditional definition of infrastructure—providing funding for roads, bridges and other transportation projects. This plan would be paid for by repurposing unused Covid funding and other leftover federal dollars.

Party leaders will continue to negotiate on these competing infrastructure proposals. However, the alternative GOP proposal is already a victory for common-sense. Most Americans both in Washington and across the country care about solving problems and finding bipartisan, sensible solutions not just “us vs. them” bickering.

We built this country on common-sense solutions that work and that’s what we need now. A plan that will kill jobs, drive up energy bills on American families and spend our future on pandering, extreme policies is far from that common-sense Americans are looking for.

We’d like to hear from you. Which infrastructure plan do you prefer, and why?