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All American 🇺🇸 Energy Plan

At The Empowerment Alliance, we don’t like to give the green-at-any-cost crowd a lot of props, but we can say one thing for them—they have a plan. It might be a bad plan to take us backward and drive up energy costs to crushing levels, but it’s still a plan.

At TEA we also have a plan—a much better one for everyday Americans—and it’s the plan that our leaders in Washington and at home should be following to lead us to a prosperous energy future:

  • TEA’s Four Pillars capture the overriding mission of providing affordable, clean, abundant, and American energy to fuel our lives.
  • TEA’s eight-point common sense energy agenda is a step-by-step guide on how to achieve an energy independent United States with American natural gas.
  • And, TEA’s Natural Gas is Green initiative is a model for our leaders to start implementing policies that recognize the value of clean-burning American natural gas and start taking advantage of all the benefits it provides.

Everyday Americans are tired and hurting from two years of bad plans with damaging results from Washington. As we head into a new year with many new faces taking charge, we have an opportunity to finally turn a sound, common-sense plan for energy independence and affordability into action. Encourage your leaders to embrace the TEA plan for America’s future here.