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Americans should Embrace Ohio’s NG is Clean and Green

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Ohio lawmakers designating American natural gas as green energy has rattled the green-at-all-costs crowd. Critics are trying to attack the initiative from all sides. But, the facts remain, natural gas is a green, clean, affordable, American energy source.

Not only did Ohio legislators make the right choice by designating natural gas as a “green” energy source, they provided a model that other states can and should follow. TEA believes the American public, when provided with the facts and evidence, will choose the right path for their energy affordability and national security future. Energy affordability and its direct impact on our cost of living has immense implications on American daily lives and a shot at their American Dream.

We can’t let the green-at-all-cost attacks slow our momentum. American natural gas fuels domestic energy jobs and America’s energy independence. TEA believes American voters will vote for their livelihood and their families’ prosperity, and they will vote for leaders like the over 1,200 who have signed TEA’s Declaration of Energy Independence.