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Auto Workers Rebuke Biden EV Mandate

The harsh realities of President Biden’s extreme Green New Deal-like policies may finally be catching up with him. The UAW recently announce that it would be withholding a re-election endorsement for Biden’s 2024 presidential run until he addresses their concerns with his unrealistic plans for electric vehicles.

UAW President Shawn Fain said: “The federal government is pouring billions into the electric vehicle transition, with no strings attached and no commitment to workers. The EV transition is at serious risk of becoming a race to the bottom. We want to see national leadership have our back on this before we make any commitments.”

Finally, a common-sense voice cutting through the unrealistic, politicized nonsense.

The facts are electric vehicles require significantly fewer parts, thus they require fewer workers to assemble them. And, EV assembly is low-skilled, low-paid labor, not the trained, high-skilled labor required for traditional vehicles. And, this transition isn’t just devastating for auto workers alone, but also the millions of workers that produce parts and support in the automotive supply chain.

This is not a situation that can or should be sustained—especially for green pipedreams subsidized by U.S. taxpayers. It will devastate the American auto industry, harm working families and further damage our already Biden-battered economy.

In this instance, the UAW is spot on. We need to seek out leaders who look out for American workers and consumers alike. To make your voice heard, visit The Empowerment Alliance.