"Biden Bill" Returns - TEA



“Biden Bill” Returns

It seems the “Biden bill” at the gas pump is making a triumphant return just as American families are getting ready to take end of summer trips. Prices at the pump climbed approximately 25 cents in the last couple of weeks, with the national average for a gallon of gasoline closing in on the $4 mark. This is the highest average we’ve seen since last fall.

This is the direct result of policies that have driven up prices on everyday Americans by choking out the productivity of the American energy industry and pushing costly renewable energy schemes. Just a few short years ago, Americans were routinely paying well under $3/gallon for gasoline. But, don’t just take our word for it. Check out the helpful chart below for an idea of how the price for gasoline has changed in recent years.

The cost of gasoline is up. The cost of electricity is up. And, that means soon the cost of goods and services that rely on those energy sources will be back up too. Hardworking Americans have paid enough. If these bad policies continue, we are on track to put affordable energy out of reach permanently. We need to reverse that trend with common sense energy policies that put affordable, reliable, clean American energy sources at the forefront of our national energy agenda.

TEA has a plan to do just that. Check out our Path To America’s Common Sense Energy Agenda.