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Biden’s Energy Midterm Report Card

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When we issued our first 100 Day report card of the new Biden Administration’s policy decisions we said, “Instead of unleashing the potential of our domestic energy industry, the Biden Administration has walled it off and locked it down.” Nearly two years later, Biden’s energy policies have not only failed American families, America is now energy dependent on OPEC oil & fast becoming dependent on China’s supply of green technologies because of Biden Administration and its $370B windfall from so called Inflation Reduction Act.

Affordable Energy for Our Families – Grade: F

After a summer of $5/gallon gasoline, prices are still nearly double what they were when Biden took office. Energy prices are nearly 20% higher than they were a year ago. And, inflation is over 8%. Literally, everything is less affordable than it was when Biden was elected two years ago.

Clean Energy for Our Environment – Grade: F

As natural gas prices have gone up, some countries are turning back to coal to generate power. Policies that support American oil and natural gas could help stop that trend. But, instead, Biden is attempting to transition to Chinese-produced “green” energy sources that are manufactured in plants powered by…you guessed it, more coal.

Abundant Energy for Our Future Grade: F

The U.S. has enough natural gas to power our nation for the next century or longer. Instead of taking advantage of that amazing resource, Biden is bowing to the “keep it in the ground” crowd by discouraging domestic production at every turn—withdevastating effects. If Biden permanently bans federal leasing and development, we stand to lose 936,000 jobs and $700 billion in GDP by 2030.

Domestic Energy for Our Security Grade: F

Back in December of 2020, the U.S. imported ZERO barrels of oil from Saudi Arabia for the first time in 35 years. Now,everything has changed: Biden is literally begging OPEC+ and reaching out to untrustworthy governments like Venezuela and Iran for more oil to lower gas prices before the November election.

As we approach the November election, President Biden is facing the first real test of his agenda with voters and we must show him we won’t stand for two more years of failed policies. For more information, please, check out The Empowerment Alliance.