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Biden’s terrible energy decisions continue

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We’ve talked about Pres. Biden’s terrible decision to limit liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports. But, it was even worse than we thought. Biden looks to have consulted a TikTok “influencer” on the issue. While this is an especially absurd case, Biden’s term has been a string of politicized decisions with long-term consequences.  
  • Among his first acts in office, Biden killed the Keystone XL pipeline and “paused” new oil and gas leases on federal lands. His Green New Dealer cronies may have loved it, but everyday Americans lost jobs and American energy producers were pinched. Fast forward to Summer 2022, and gasoline was nearly $5/gallon—the highest price in years. Today, prices remain nearly 30 percent higher than when Biden took office.
  • What was the Biden “solution” to those skyrocketing prices at the pump? He started draining the strategic petroleum reserve (SPR), an oil stock meant to get our country through natural disasters, wars or other crises—not as a bailout for Biden’s bad decisions. In June 2023, the SPR reached its lowest stock since 1983 only enough stock to last 17 days if it were tapped. Today, the reserve still has over 280,000 fewer barrels than it did when Biden took office.
  • Now in an election year, Biden is struggling to appeal to young, climate-obsessed voters in his base. So, the White House delayed approval of CP2, a proposed LNG terminal in Louisiana, after meeting with a 25-year-old “influencer” from Colorado that led a campaign to kill the project. With wars in Ukraine and the Middle East and China’s monopoly on the renewable supply chain, the last thing America should be doing is turning its back on our allies to appease demands from TikTok activists.

Americans need energy policies that support clean, affordable and reliable energy and our allies around the world. Instead, they are getting a hodge-podge of PR decisions that keep digging us deeper into a hole filled with green pipe dreams. For more information about truly common-sense energy policies, check out The Empowerment Alliance.