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Coming down the pipeline: common sense

This week, we explore the fourth step in TEA’s Common Sense Energy Agenda: Build more natural gas and energy pipelines.

That’s why it was so good to see a recent victory for our agenda and the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP). This important pipeline would transport natural gas from the Marcellus and Utica shale regions to Mid- and South Atlantic states where demand for natural gas continues to soar. The Mountain Valley Pipeline would also sustain about 5,800 jobs and $5.9 billion in economic activity. This is exactly the necessary infrastructure we need to help bring down the energy costs crushing American families.

And, recently, a U.S. appeals court recognized just that when it upheld the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s approval of the MVP Southgate extension that would carry natural gas into North Carolina.

This is just one small victory, while many hurdles remain for MVP and other pipelines around our nation. But it’s a good sign that the courts and energy officials are finally recognizing what TEA and its common-sense energy activists already know: Pipelines are the safest, most environmentally sound, and efficient way to transport energy. A country without pipelines is like a body without veins.