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Common Sense Energy: Road paved for infrastructure bill


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July 30th, 2021

A bipartisan infrastructure deal has finally been reached that includes roughly $1 Trillion in new spending. $205 billion of the funding for this bill will be drawn from leftover COVID relief funds, which should eliminate the need to implement the taxes proposed by progressive extremists like a gas tax or carbon tax. One of provisions in the bill is $7.5 billion for low carbon busses and ferries, including vehicles powered by natural gas.

While the bipartisan bill isn’t perfect and includes unnecessary spending items on so-called “green energy,” it’s better than the initial infrastructure plan proposed by President Biden. That plan would have cost  $2.3 trillion with only $621 billion going to actual transportation infrastructure.

One of the first things Joe Biden did when he was sworn into office was to wage war on affordable energy by banning natural gas drilling on federal lands.  Luckily, a federal judge overturned Biden’s assault on the natural gas industry. But now, the Biden Administration is refusing to comply with the court order.

U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy called out the Administration for defying the court’s order, and Biden Administration is essentially fessing up.

Bloomberg“The pause is effectively defying the federal judge’s order to continue,” Senator Bill Cassidy, a Republican from Louisiana, said. [Interior Secretary Deb] Haaland conceded that “technically, I suppose, you could say the pause is still in place.”

What nonsense!

Earlier we mentioned unnecessary spending in the bipartisan infrastructure bill.  One example is $7.5 billion in taxpayer funds to pay for electric vehicle charging stations because a new report suggests that the global supply of electric vehicle batteries will be exhausted by 2025. What’s happens then? Repurposing the funding to instead go towards 250-mile-long electric vehicle power cords?

Gasoline costs 45% more than one year ago. The national average is currently $3.17/gallon and was $2.19 /gallon last year.

Energy and Interior Nominations: On Tuesday, August 3, the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee will hold a hearing on various nominations for the Department of Energy and Interior.

EPA Nominations: On Wednesday, August 4, the Senate Environment and Public Works will hold a hearing on the nominations of three EPA assistant administrators.