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Connecting the dots of Energy Affordability

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This Election Day likely resulted in mixed feelings for many of us. President Biden’s war on our energy independence has been unrelenting and costly. One new study confirms that his war on American oil and gas has cost us nearly $100 billion.

The “us” is the nearly 60% of Americans who live paycheck to paycheck and don’t have $1,000 in our savings account for emergencies. These statistics represent a huge swath of America’s voters.

The results of this election indicated voters aren’t connecting pain at the pump, pain in paying basic utility bills, pain in paying grocery bills, and a higher cost of living in general to Biden’s and his legislative backers’ relentless attacks on our energy industry and the resulting hyperinflation and higher cost of energy.

Those of you who voiced your anger and disappointment of Biden and company’s war on American energy and your energy affordability, thank you for your vote. You most effectively used your single shot at the goal. Those who didn’t will recognize this winter and in the next two years that votes have consequences.

With the presumption that Republicans will take control of the House of Representatives and a closely split Senate, a pro-American energy agenda should be the new Congress’ goal.

And, that agenda would mean policies that:

  • Encourage American energy production to lower prices at the pumps and keep home heating affordable,
  • Fuel our domestic energy industry so we no longer face shortages of our crucial energy resources and grid blackouts,
  • No longer prop us so-called “green” energy sources that just make us more reliant on the world’s biggest polluters like China,
  • Embrace American energy independence so we don’t need to beg untrustworthy foreign governments for energy that we could easily produce ourselves.

We encourage those newly elected to Congress to adopt TEA’s 8-point Common Sense Energy Agenda once they are sworn into office. And, we encourage our TEA members to remain hopeful but vigilant. Together we can embrace a new pro-American energy agenda that stops Biden’s costly decline and puts America on the energy path we deserve.