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Death, Taxes, & Bidenflation


As we all hand over some of our hard-earned money to the government today on Tax Day, everyone should also be thinking about the hidden “tax” the Biden Administration and its misplaced policies are putting on American families every other day he’s been in office. We’ve been talking about your “Biden Bill”—the additional everyday costs placed on the backs of Americans resulting from the politically-motivated policies of this administration—for months. And, that bill just keeps getting bigger.

American families are paying significantly more for literally everything, from groceries to clothing to housing. But, nothing has been as shocking as the increases in the cost of energy:

  • The cost of gasoline is 48% higher than it was a year ago,
  • Electricity is up over 11%,
  • And, natural gas is over 21% more costly.

And, as we’ve been telling you, when the cost of energy shoots up, that drives up the cost of everything else. The cost of farming and transporting food goes up. The cost of manufacturing and shipping goods goes up. The cost of healthcare, education and services goes up. Gasoline prices increased over 18% in March alone and that hike accounted for over half the price increases American families are seeing everywhere else.

Now, Biden and his green-at-any-cost cronies will tell you that this is all out of their hands because of the Russian attack on Ukraine. But, the fact is, these prices have been ticking further and further up for months—long before any factors on the other side of the world were in play.

Since day one, Biden’s short-sighted policies have been aimed at choking out American energy production and independence. Whether its blocking the exploration and production of truly “green” energies like natural gas, or canceling the safe and efficient pipelines that bring energy to American households, Biden’s actions are what have driven up those energy costs and put this hidden “tax” of skyrocketing inflation on American families already struggling to make ends meet. Biden has created an America where every day is Tax Day and the responsibility for your “Biden Bill” rests squarely on this administration’s shoulders.