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Energy is on the Ballot

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Tomorrow is Election Day and, as you cast your vote, one of the most important things you can remember is: Affordable energy is on the ballot.

Joe Biden and his green at all cost politicians have waged war on America’s energy industry from day one. And, it has cost Americans dearly and continues to do so. Over the last two years, energy prices have increased dramatically and as a result the cost of everything else has gone through the roof. Americans are suffering.

Twenty million U.S households — one out of six households —are behind on their utility bills. The cost of gasoline is 50 percent higher than when Biden took office. Diesel fuel, home heating oil, and jet fuel inventories are the lowest they’ve been in decades with winter  around corner. America’s strategic petroleum reserve has been depleted to its lowest point in decades by Biden and company to try to lower prices at the pump before tomorrow’s elections. We need solutions, but our leaders are only making things worse. Biden and his green-at-all-costs policies are deliberately crushing our American energy production and only driving prices higher for everyday Americans.

Energy affordability and security should be a core responsibility of our elected leaders, not something they sacrifice for an extreme political agenda. Our best defense against this is to vote together and vote for representatives who support American energy affordability and security. America’s energy independence is essential to America’s independence and our national security. Get out and vote tomorrow for candidates who will unleash American energy!

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