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Expensive energy is the enemy of the poor

“Expensive energy is the enemy of the poor. Full stop.” 

Renowned energy expert and journalist, Robert Bryce, joined TEA recently as the guest on our new VIDEO episode of the Empowering America Podcast. Bryce discussed a variety of energy issues including the cost of energy and the Biden administration’s agenda to keep driving it up.

With skyrocketing inflation increasing the price of everything, American families are struggling more than ever before. As Bryce says, affordable energy has always been the key to our prosperity, but the green-at-any-cost crowd is trying to crush that prosperity—quite deliberately. Whether it’s propping up unaffordable electric vehicles or crushing our domestic oil and gas industry, they are dead set on making energy expensive and keeping it that way to push their misguided agenda.

Join us as we have in-depth discussions with the biggest players in the fight to provide clean, affordable, and abundant natural gas, restore American Energy Independence, and highlight the risky, misguided nature of “Green New Deal” style policy.

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