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Gas gets the “Green”light in Ohio 🟢

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Last week, first-of-its-kind legislation was signed into law in Ohio that will benefit the poorest households and the smallest businesses. Reliable, clean, and affordable energy for every day Ohioan households and Ohio businesses took a large step forward when Governor Mike DeWine signed a bill that recognizes natural gas as green energy. This follows Rep. Troy Balderson’s Natural Gas is Green resolution in Congress last summer.

This legislation is a win for Ohio’s energy consumers. But it’s an even bigger win for the common-sense policies and unity of ideas that Americans are looking for—rather than the bickering and ugliness that have become all too commonplace in our political discourse.

The Empowerment Alliance (TEA) was founded on the idea that Americans can unite on big ideas and purposes…such as clean, affordable energy and American Energy Independence. This week, Ohio turned those ideas into reality. And if we continue to pursue unity over division, more states will follow suit this year and beyond.

Please, check out TEA’s 8-point common sense energy agenda for more ideas that can bring us together for an energy independent America.