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Ghoulish Green Nightmare

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In honor of the spooky season, The Empowerment Alliance thought we would share a scary story of the nightmarish energy world we could live in if the green-at-all-costs politicians win next Tuesday. Here’s just some of the horrors we could see:

  • It might sound like a ghost story, but prices could keep going up and energy resources could get even more scarce. Natural gas prices are going up as we head into winter. Diesel stockpiles and other fuels used to heat homes and transportation are the lowest they’ve been in decades. Prices at the pumps are still high enough to keep you awake at night. After the elections the real energy shortages facing Americans that are so carefully kept out of the limelight will come out.  We all will feel it even harder in our already low on cash wallets.
  • Say goodbye to energy pipelines and the other critical infrastructure we so desperately need to bring down our energy prices and lower our cost living. The green-at-all-costs politicians —hiding behind their climate defender masks—want to drag us back to the scary old days with their “keep it in the ground” mindset.
  • The spooky green-at-all-costs politicians don’t just haunt Washington D.C.. If they win on the state and local level, you’ll see some frightening stuff right in your own backyard as they push through more bans on natural gas in your homes and use your tax dollars to prop up Chinese solar and wind installations.
  • As if all of that isn’t bone-chilling enough, the Green New Deal monster will once again rear its ugly head. When it was first introduced, it went nowhere and rightfully so. But, if the election goes to the extreme crowd, we could actually see this monster come back to life bigger and worse than ever going after your low on cash wallets.

This is a scary situation, and it’s no joke. That’s why it’s so important for common sense Americans like you to vote next week for pro-American energy candidates. We deserve the American dream fueled by energy affordability, security, and independence, not a green-at-all-costs nightmare. For more information, please, check out The Empowerment Alliance.