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Green Movement Promotes Domestic Terrorism 💣

We’re all used to out-of-touch, “woke” activism coming out of Hollywood. Most of it seems pretty silly—something we everyday Americans just don’t have the time to take seriously. But, last week, a movie was released that we really must.

It’s called “How To Blow Up A Pipeline.”

That’s right, Hollywood decided to take a bunch of attractive young actors, make a movie that looks like an action-packed blockbuster and teach anyone who watches how to plan and commit an act of violence.

The movie leaves no room to question its intent—to glorify domestic eco-terrorism and radicalize young minds. It is grossly irresponsible and dangerous to promote violence as a justified method of climate activism.

While excusing terrorist acts and warping young minds with violence and scare tactics is the main issue here, there are other weaknesses in this movie’s agenda that should be mentioned:

  • Pipelines are THE safest method of transporting energy to American households and businesses. Pipelines are not dangerous, but blowing them up most certainly is.
  • The 2021 cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline shut down gas stations along the East Coast and drove gas prices over $3 for the first time since 2014—and they still haven’t come back down. Colonial could be a case study of the real-world effects when we lose an important energy transport system.
  • Destroying our nation’s infrastructure is unacceptable and misguided. Thousands of worker’s livelihoods are at stake building pipelines and associated parts to safely transport America’s fuel sources.

This film glorifies domestic terrorism as a preferred method to achieve policy outcomes, setting a dangerous example for young minds. We call on President Biden, his Administration, Democrats, all environmental organizations, and activists who have been vocal in their opposition to American energy pipelines and hydrocarbons to join TEA in strongly condemning this “how to be a terrorist in America” film before it results in tragedy, loss of lives and livelihood.

To learn more about the dangers of an extreme green-at-any-cost agenda, check out more information from The Empowerment Alliance.