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Hidden Costs Are Everywhere

Did you know?

American consumers spend nearly as much on indirect energy costs as they do on direct costs.

According to a study by the American Enterprise Institute, American households spend about $113 billion on indirect energy expenditures compared to $128 billion on direct energy expenditures such as gasoline for vehicles. In 2003, we spent over $40 billion in indirect energy expenditure on food alone.

What else do you think are some other examples of the
significant energy costs built into individual consumption?

⚪ Airline Travel 18.48%
⚪ Water and other sanitary services 9.99%
⚪ Purchased Meals (Eating Out) 4.19%
⚪ Medical Care and Hospitalization 3.01%
⚪ Insurance 3.01%
⚪ Dentists 2.25%
⚪ Physicians 2.25%
⚪ Furniture 1.65%
⚪ Higher Education 0.89%
⚪ Nursing homes 0.40%

Energy costs are included in virtually everything we do, where we live, what we eat, and all the everyday goods we purchase.

More low-cost energy from natural gas doesn’t just save consumers money on their gas bills, but on nearly everything they buy.