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‘Orca’ activists arrested in front of Wall Street bank amid protests over new fossil fuel investment

New York police arrested dozens of climate activists dressed as orcas Tuesday morning in front of the Citigroup headquarters as they protested the bank’s ongoing investment in fossil fuel expansion, according to group Climate Defenders.

A triumphant right’s first post-election target: Overturning Green Deal car ban

BRUSSELS — The newly-buoyed right wasted no time in firing its first shot at the EU’s flagship package of green laws, minutes after proclaiming victory Sunday night in the European election.

Oil and gas companies thrive despite Biden’s green agenda

Nearly four years ago, while campaigning in the runup to the last presidential election, Donald Trump warned that President Joe Biden would “destroy” the oil industry.

Major lithium discovery in fracking wastewater leaves the left facing EV ‘irony’

The discovery of the potential for thousands of tons of lithium to be extracted annually from wastewater generated by fracking in the Marcellus Shale leaves proponents of a green energy future at a crossroads, Republicans...

Economist warns Biden’s energy policies are empowering our enemies: ‘Makes no sense’

Consumers and national security are the top casualties of President Biden’s ‘war against American oil and gas,’ according to Committee to Unleash Prosperity co-founder Stephen Moore.

Warning labels for gas stoves? A lawsuit is trying to make it happen.

A first-of-its-kind lawsuit is testing whether the District of Columbia’s consumer protection law could be used to require gas stove manufacturers to warn customers of the risks of burning gas indoors.

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