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Poll Reveals America’s Energy Priorities

Recent polling data backs up what we at TEA have been saying all along—every day Americans want clean, affordable, reliable energy and they know that natural gas provides it in abundance.

Here are just a few highlights from the American Energy Alliance survey:

  • 81% believe a federal electric vehicle mandate will cause electricity prices to increase.
  • 91% believe the U.S. should be concerned about the stranglehold China has on the EV and battery supply chain.
  • 45% believe the federal government should focus on ensuring affordable and reliable energy, while only 19% think the focus should be on addressing climate change.

What this poll shows is pretty obvious to most of us. Americans are looking for common-sense policies on energy issues—not an out-of-touch, climate doomsday agenda. They know we can embrace real-life energy solutions like natural gas, that both protect our environment and keep our families and our economy working. That is precisely what TEA’s Common Sense Energy agenda promotes.