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TEA’s 2022 Year In Review

As we head into 2023, TEA plans to keep you informed (and amused) with even more important energy news!

As we launch the New Year, we’d like to take you on a walk back through the Best of TEA in 2022…

First off, we launched our 8-point Common Sense Energy Agenda, a step-by-step guide to an energy independent U.S. where affordable, clean and reliable energy from American natural gas is available to everyone:

On Facebook, TEA’s followers most liked our posts exposing the truth behind the green-at-all-cost mission to push Americans onto renewable energy and electric vehicles—sometimes with facts:

And sometimes with a laugh courtesy of Leo:

On Twitter, TEA’s greatest hits exposed the hypocrisy of Green New Dealer policies coming out of Washington D.C. Both from the President:

And from members of Congress (or thankfully a former member of Congress, in this case):

TEA released videos to arm our followers with information about how natural gas is America’s true source of green energy:

And the importance of American energy independence for our safety and prosperity:

And, finally, TEA produced a series of podcast to dig deeper on important energy issues with leaders and experts, like this episode with author Robert Bryce:

As we head into 2023, TEA will continue to educate the American voters of the importance of America’s energy independence to their energy affordability and our national security. TEA’s Common Sense Energy Agenda will be America’s response to costly green at all cost policies. We will continue to promote pro-energy independence candidates in 2023 and continue informing (and amusing) with even more content like this. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and check out our website often to keep on top of the truth about American energy in 2023!


Happy New Year to you and yours from The Empowerment Alliance!