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TEA’s path to a brighter energy future

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November 18th, 2022

  • American natural gas is the world’s most affordable, reliable, safe, green, and clean energy. America’s energy independence and national security depends on it.
  • Biden tightens methane emissions rules as U.S. pushes for more drilling.
  • Twitter spoof sank natural gas prices.
  • The shift to electric cars is happening too slowly, report finds.
  • Sri Lanka’s Green New Deal was a disaster.
  • Biden sings optimistic tune after meeting with Chinese Dictator Xi Jinping.

Natural gas can serve as a wellspring for the U.S. and global energy future. The co-authors of this piece highlight many great points. America’s loss of energy independence is less severe than Europe’s for example. But it is still hitting working families in their wallets, as the holidays approach.

Why is natural gas critical to our energy future? It protects grid reliability; reduces energy costs for consumers;  strengthens energy independence; reduces emissions and creates jobs and economic activity.

A few facts worth noting:

  • At around $3.80 per gallon, gas prices are about 60 percent above the price when President Biden took office.
  • Distillate inventories — diesel, jet fuel, and heating oil — are at their lowest levels since 2008.
  • The Department of Energy reports that tens of thousands of jobs have been lost in the fossil fuel industry.
  • Millions in wages and state and federal tax revenues are effectively being exported to countries that haven’t “worked overtime” to restrict natural gas and oil production.

This column also mentions that our misplaced trust in reliably unreliable wind and solar often leaves entire states or regions lacking during extended “wind droughts” or seasonal cloudy conditions. Natural gas is the true green source of energy; it’s affordable, clean and abundant.

Recently, Ohio grassroots efforts have resulted in a Natural Gas is Green resolution being adopted in a handful of counties in the Buckeye State. This comes on the heels of Rep. Troy Balderson’s resolution embracing natural gas as a “green and clean” energy source this summer.

Bottom Line:  A secure supply of affordable, reliable natural gas is essential to the global and domestic economy. If officials ignore these benefits, America’s standard of living will decline, economic freedom will suffer, and the environment will be worse off.

Not enough voters connected the dots regarding the skyrocketing energy costs and the resulting economic problems we face as a nation. That is surprising since 63 million voters consider energy issues to be critical.

President Biden and other Democrat leaders have continually blamed oil and natural gas companies for the high cost of energy. It seems they would rather pass the buck than come up with better policies that save American families money.

Republicans, however, are not without some blame. The party leadership failed to deliver a viable energy agenda to put forth to the voters through its candidates. Now, House Republicans are prepared to present an energy package that focuses on energy independence and easing approvals for critical mineral mining.

We encourage House members to follow TEA’s energy affordability messaging that we have repeatedly trumpeted as the solution. Our 8-point plan will work, if they use it as a guide starting in January when they have a majority.

The pain for Americans is very real — be it at the pump, paying for basic utility and grocery bills or the higher cost of living in general. Relief hopefully is on the way.

  • This is due largely to Biden’s and his legislative backers’ relentless attacks on our energy industry. The result: hyperinflation and higher energy prices.
  • This problem can be fixed in the long-term. But unfortunately, there will be some immediate pain. The energy poverty that lies ahead means thousands of families will be unable to pay their winter heating bills.
  • When that happens the green-at-any-cost crowd keeps pushing its policies, along with legislation like the ill-named Inflation Reduction Act, and we have the current mess.

The proposed energy package follows an edict from Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), who has indicated on multiple occasions that energy policies to help attain American energy independence and lowering energy prices would be among the House’s first priorities.

Bottom Line: We encourage all members of Congress — including those newly elected to office on both sides of the political aisle — to follow TEA’s 8 point plan and unleash the numerous benefits of American natural gas.

Average gas prices have fallen by 9 cents over the past week — from $3.79 to $3.70 — but it’s important to put this into perspective.

Thanksgiving gas prices are projected to average $3.68 across the nation, which would be the highest prices on record for the turkey day season. Despite this dreary outlook, 20% more Americans plan to hit the road this year than in 2021.

Nothing on the calendar for next week, have a happy Thanksgiving!!

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“You can’t just sweep it under the rug that there’s a role for natural gas in reducing emissions. Europe has given us a look into the future for the United States. Just 15 years ago, Europe produced as much natural gas as Russia, but they were too good to frack, so today they buy fracked natural gas from Russia.”

—  Rep. John Curtis (R-Utah)


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